Code of Conduct of the Company

Code of Conduct of the Company is an internal guidance that binds everyone in the Company and contains the values, business ethics, work ethics, and norms relating to the conformity and compliance against the corporate policies as well as Indonesian laws. Code of conduct is designed by Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners with respect to the corporate values, namely Excellent Services, Reliability, Integrity, Accessibility, Value-Added Driven Business and Awareness, as well as with consideration to moral principles that are enacted in the company and the commitment to realize the corporate vision and mission.

As the Company's commitment to conduct the good corporate governance is in line with the universal principles, the implementation of code of conduct is aimed at guiding all management and employees in showing behavior, interacting and acting according to the rights and obligations to the stakeholders, including in serving the customers.

In addition, other goals of reinforcing the code of conduct are:

  • To develop and maintain commitment of the Company to the implementation of Good Corporate Governance in accordance to the applicable business ethics in Indonesia so as to create a favorable business environment, namely through the implementation of corporate values that lead to the establishment of corporate cultures and policies, system as well as procedures;
  • To apply and sustain understanding as well as implementation of code of conduct of the employees and management against the work ethics that facilitate the implementation of GCG practices, so as to ensure that the Company as a legal entity has operated in compliance with Indonesian laws and business ethics;
  • To develop and sustain understanding among shareholders and stakeholders relating to the corporate values and the applicable business ethics in Indonesia, in a way to promote a positive image ensuring that the Company's business practices are in compliance with the applicable regulations and business ethics in Indonesia;
  • To guide all employees and management about the making of ethical decision, so that each individual of the Company can determine every step or business decision with respect to moral and legal consequences.
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