Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

In carrying out its business activities, the Company has committed to deliver maximum contribution for all stakeholders by consistently conducting Corporate Social Responsibility programs every year. The Company strives to promote balance and equality principles in running the Company’s operational activities while keeping the harmony with the environment and complying with the prevailing regulations. The Company has strongly committed to improve the life quality of its employees and wider community, particularly within the area of operations of the Company and its subsidiaries, by conducting well organized CSR programs.

Management Organization Structure

Working closely with Corporate Communication, Human Resource Division and other related divisions, Corporate Secretary is responsible for CSR management relating to community development aspect. The discussion relating to this aspect can be seen on Responsibility to Social and Community Development section.

Responsibility to Environment

Activity Plan/Management Policy

The Company teams up with PT Multi Central Aryaguna in terms of material usage, energy efficiency, waste management, and complaints mechanism on environmental issues in order to fulfill the responsibility to environment.

Implemented Activities:

  • Material Usage

In terms of material usage, the Company implements several policies, such as water saving, scrap papers usage to print internal documents and policy to utilizes email to disseminate the Company’s policies or other notifications. This is done in order to harmonize its business activities and living environment preservation.

  • Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is conducted in daily operations by switching all light bulbs to LED light bulbs. In addition, the employees are also requested to turn off the lights and Air Conditioner after working hours or whenever the room is not in use. The electricity and AC after office hours can still be operated but the access is limited only to the zones of employees who are working overtime.

  • Waste Management System

As the owner and management of the Company’s office building, PT Multi Central Aryaguna is the party which conducts the Company’s waste management. The mechanism of waste management is carried out by sorting the waste for recycling and non-recycling. Furthermore, the non-recycling waste will be delivered to landfill on regular basis. The liquid waste will be managed by Sewage Treatment Plant system.

  • Mechanism of Complaints on Environmental Issues

The Company provides opportunity for anyone who wants to complain regarding environmental issues related to the Company’s operational activities. Moreover, the Company will facilitate and coordinate each complaint on environmental issue to PT Multi Central Aryaguna as the Company’s owner and office building management.

Responsibility to Occupational, Health, and Work Safety

Activity Plan/Management Policy

The Company considers that employee safety at work is highly important. Therefore, aside from having Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) related to the anticipation of disaster countermeasures, the Company also teams up with PT Multi Central Aryaguna, as the owner and building management, in implementing simulation of safety and evacuation procedures. In addition, the Company also uses services of Jasa Raharja, Manpower Social Security/ Trauma Center of Manpower Social Security and Personal Accident of Allianz Indonesia.

Implemented Activities:

Working closely with PT Multi Central Aryaguna, the Company conducts simulation of safety and evacuation procedures on regular basis once every 6 months.

At the Company’s office, the work safety facility and infrastructure are also available, among others;

  1. Fire extinguisher
  2. Hydrant
  3. Smoke detector
  4. Sprinkler
  5. Emergency stairs
  6. Evacuation routes diagram
  7. Emergency alarm
  8. First aid kit as an anticipation of work accident.

Employee Turnover Level

In 2018, the Company recorded a total of 2,367 employees. Moreover, in the same year, the Company also conducted termination of employment (reaching retirement age, resignation, medical reason, contract ended, and failed for trainee) with due observance of the prevailing rules and regulations and adheres to Collective Labor Agreement which stipulate the process of employment termination, standard of procedures of employment termination as well as employees’ rights and obligations when the termination of employment applies.

Work Accident Level

The Company’s success in implementing work safety culture and its consistency in conducting dissemination relating to it in all levels of organization has resulted in zero work accident in 2018. This is a sole achievement for the Company which has been able to achieve zero work accident for the past few years.

Gender Equality and Working Opportunities

The Company constantly carries out a proper occupational practices in compliance with prevailing regulations, one of which is shown by providing an equal opportunity for each employee to develop his/her career as well as participating in each program of education and training in order to develop the employees’ competency without discrimination of gender, ethnicity, religion or race.

Education and/or Training

The Company continues to improve capacity and capabilities of employees according to their work fields by providing training and education programs held both internally and externally.


The Company considers that each employee is entitled to welfare which is realized by providing a competitive and satisfying remuneration tailored to the Company’s condition, regulation on regional minimum wage as well as average industry welfare rate. In addition, the Company also provides welfare allowance such as Employment Social Security, covering Work Accident Insurance Program, Old Age Security Program, Death Benefit, personal accident insurance and Pension Fund.

 Responsibility to Social and Community Development

Action Plan/Management Policy

For aspect of social and community development, the Company conducts activities programs through subsidiaries which are focused on harmonization between community, social, and education.

Communication on Policy and Procedure of Anti-Corruption

In order to ensure the Company’s activities in compliance with law, prudent and good corporate governance principles, the Company has also had anti-corruption policy.

Cost Allocation for Social Responsibility Activities in Social and Community Development

During 2018, the Company has allocated funds of Rp204 million for CSR activities in social and community development.

Responsibility to Customers

As a customer oriented company, the Company always applies similar high standard of services in all service networks for customers of all segments and also puts simplicity and accessibility as priority to obtain products and services offered by subsidiaries, among others:

  1. Customer Care Network of PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia (“IMFI”), both at head office and branch offices Hotline (+62)21 2918 5440, SMS (+62) 812 123 1230, and e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as menu “Customer Service” on the Company’s website:
  2. 24 Hour Emergency Service from PT CSM Corporatama (Indorent) for emergency situation which can be reached anytime by dialing 0817150130/081319585558

Corporate Social Responsibility News:



  1. Assistance in the form of education costs to children Yayasan Kesejahteraan Penyandang Difable Indonesia (YKPDI)
  2. IMFI Distributes food aid to victims of flash floods in Sentani, Jayapura
  3. Clean Water Assistance to eight villages in Bojonegoto District


  1. IMFI Provided Teach Cast Program for Four Orphanage
  2. Donation to Flood Victims in Desa Setako Raya, Desa Raup Ranap, and Desa Batang Peranap Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu (Inhu), Riau


  1. Joint CSR Indomobil Finance - Hino Finance - Shinhan Indomobil Finance 
  2. Donation to Flood Victims in Desa Setako Raya, Desa Raup Ranap, and Desa Batang Peranap Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu (Inhu), Riau
  3. IMFI Provides Water Supply for Five Villages in Bojonegoro, East Java
  4. IMFI Provided Teach Cast Program for Three Schools in Central Java


  1. School Building Renovation in Desa Waledasem, Cirebon
  2. Blood Donor Activity
  3. Visiting Al-Ikhwaniyah Orphanage House in Jakarta
  4. Donation for the Flood Disaster Victims in Garut


  1. Joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Event IMFI and HFI
  2. Blood Donor Activity, Donation and Orphanage Visit, and School Renovation