Company Profile

The Company established on 2 December 2005 under the name of PT Multi Tambang Abadi which engaged in the business of mining and service. In January 2013, PT Indomobil Sukses International, Tbk. (IMSI) acquired 90.00% of the Company's shares from PT Tritunggal Intipermata and acquired 9.89% of the Company's shares from PT Indomobil Manajemen Corpora.

Furthermore, in February 2013, along with the change of its business objectives, the Company changed its name into PT Indomobil Multi Jasa (herein after referred to as IMJ) with its scope of business i.e trading, automotive maintenance workshop, general consulting and services for vehicle, car rental and machines, and land transportation.

The Company has entered into the domestic stock exchange by way of Initial Public Offering (IPO), which followed by the listing of its shares by having "IMJS" as its code of shares in PT Bursa Efek Indonesia on 10 December 2013, which changed the Company's status into an Public Company.

The Company conducts its business activities in the areas of financing services, logistics and transportation business, and non-formal education / training services through its following subsidiaries:                            

  1. Financing Services
    • PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia (“IMFI”)
    • PT Hino Finance Indonesia (“HFI”)
    • PT Suzuki Finance Indonesia (“SFI”)
  2. Logistics and Transportation
    • Rental : PT CSM Corporatama (“CSM”)
    • Logistic : PT Seino Indomobil Logistics (“SIL”)
    • Expedition : PT Solusi Indomobil Perkasa (“SIP”)
    • Commercial Vehicle Rental : PT Indomobil Bussan Trucking (“IBT”)
  3. Non-Formal Education /Training Services
    • PT Indomobil Edukasi Utama (“IEU”)
  4. Repair and Maintenance Services
    • PT. Indomobil Ekspres Truk ("IET")

Shareholding Composition

The following is the composition of the shareholders of the Company as of March 1, 2019:

PT Indomobil Sukses Internasional, Tbk.  91,97 %
PT Indomobil Manajemen Corpora   0,0001 %
Masyarakat     8,03 %
Total  100,00 %
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