Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to maintain its business continuity, the Company realizes the importance of executing social responsibility as a business entity that conducts ethical business activities. The Company in this matter prioritizes the principle of equilibrium and equality in running the company's operational activities, namely the implementation of all business activities of the Company must be done with attention to the harmony with the surrounding environment. This commitment is expected to increase the Company's contribution to the creation of better welfare, especially in the communities surrounding the Company's business locations through its subsidiaries. In line with this, the Company designs a series of activities that are part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting aspects of society, social aspects and aspects of education. The total cost of CSR IMJ through its subsidiaries in 2016 is in the amount of Rp 125.702.888,-

Corporate Social Responsibility News:


  1. Joint CSR Indomobil Finance - Hino Finance - Shinhan Indomobil Finance 
  2. Donation to Flood Victims in Desa Setako Raya, Desa Raup Ranap, and Desa Batang Peranap Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu (Inhu), Riau
  3. IMFI Provides Water Supply for Five Villages in Bojonegoro, East Java
  4. IMFI Provided Teach Cast Program for Three Schools in Central Java


  1. School Building Renovation in Desa Waledasem, Cirebon
  2. Blood Donor Activity
  3. Visiting Al-Ikhwaniyah Orphanage House in Jakarta
  4. Donation for the Flood Disaster Victims in Garut


  1. Joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Event IMFI and HFI
  2. Blood Donor Activity, Donation and Orphanage Visit, and School Renovation

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